Do You Listen??

A MoME 3ment with The Interventionist ™

I Love meeting People and talking with them about Life, Business, etc.

I know I’m not alone, in so much as we are social beings whom like to interact.

The interesting thing I find is that most people get on to telling you all about them and their Life and/or Business without hardly giving you a second to speak! You hear it all from the traffic jam they drove through to the sick kids, etc.! And in Business it seems to be no different.

As a Strategic Interventionist Coach serving in the area of Human Needs Psychology, I enjoy attending Live Events that offer a Value and increase my education and Investment in Me. It is at these Events that I find the greatest wealth of knowledge in those I meet. Amazing People You would not get the opportunity with otherwise.

This is where I had to learn to use to listen! Now being a Professional Speaker, and BTW..I Love to Speak! I remember a phrase I learned years ago; God gave me two ears and one mouth… Therefor, I need to listen twice as much as I speak!

How about You…Do You Listen twice as much as You Speak? If you do, Awesome! If You don’t, try to remember this the next time you meet with someone. Offer them the honor of listening to them completely. Ask questions about them. Show them you value them that much.

It is truly Amazing how this goes.. It shows that You care enough, and will gain respect even more.

ENJOY Listening!

~Jeffrey Miller


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