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It’s time to examine your mental attitude!

It’s time to examine your mental attitude! We’ve all had moments in our lives when our Attitudes were not quite up to even our own standards… Right, well what about that? I mean, when was the last time You thought about what You think and it’s implications upon you, family, friends, business associates, etc?? Amazingly enough, we all think about everything we say or do. However it’s usually lightning fast when we make those daily decisions that will undoubtedly effect You and others. So, how about taking a moment and examining your Mental Attitude. Take a few and think about your thoughts. Think about your Attitude about those thoughts. Ask yourself why do I think the way that I do? Is it negative or positive? Is it meant to benefit others as well as yourself? How do others think and feel about me? Though it may sound silly, “In the answers you find in these questions, you will find the answers to these questions!” Give it a try! Take Action in a Positive way to Change Your thinking. When You do, You will realize that your focus on Life and how those around you feel will Change exponentially! ~Jeffrey Miller ~Jeffrey Miller is… The Interventionist ™ **Jeffrey Miller is a Successful Veteran Entrepreneur, Strategic Interventionist, Hypnotist, Author, International Radio Show Host and a Professional Speaker. As the Founder of The “21 Days to Change Your Mind” Program”  ™  Jeffrey has assisted and guided many to eliminate the ravaging effects of Low Self Esteem and Debilitating Beliefs. To Book a FREE Intro Session or to have Jeffrey Speak with Your Group:... read more

What’s Holding You Back??

A Moment with The Interventionist What is the ONE thing that is holding you back from considerably better results in your Life right now? Now, Why haven’t you ELIMINATED it? Or, Perhaps you don’t know? Hi, I’m Jeffrey Miller…The Interventionist and I can tell you that I didn’t know what was holding me back from a Life I wanted but didn’t feel I deserved it! I had to come to the understanding that unless I received Coaching on this I may never know! That’s exactly what I did back in 2010. Now today I know what it was, learned to deal with it and overcome it, and now I live and work in this Amazing Industry as a Strategic Interventionist Coach. How about You? Are you ready to admit You need the Guidance only a trained Noted Authority Coach can provide? Send me a message and let me know! I will offer you a FREE 30 Minute Session to show you how you will be able to Change Your Mind with my proven Program 21 Days to Change Your Mind. You’ll be glad you did! ~Jeffrey Miller is The Interventionist© **Jeffrey Miller is a Successful Veteran Entrepreneur, Strategic Interventionist, Hypnotist, Author, International Radio Show Host and a Certified Go-Giver Coach and Professional Speaker. As the Founder of The “21 Days to Change Your Mind” Program”  ™  Jeff has helped and Guided many to eliminate the ravaging effects of Low Self Esteem and Debilitating Beliefs. To Book a FREE Session or to have Jeff Speak with Your Group Please connect via the Website. www.21DaystoChangeYourMind.com © 2015 Jeffrey Miller... read more

Are You Humble?? and Why You should want to be!

Are You Humble?? And Why You should want to be! We live in a society where it would appear that to be humble and modest is often seen as a weakness. Generally speaking most people believe that to be Humble means that you think very little of yourself. That you don’t feel or have much self worth. Actually, this is actually the furthest from the Truth! Also, and it turns out, a great part of the secret to success and fulfillment in life may very well be in the ability to express humility and be Humble. Accordingly, people who are humble see their strengths and weaknesses more accurately, and are more inclined to altruism. Ahh, Altruism! There’s a word more and more people are coming to a realization with. The WHY is Amazing! Altruism is the principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others. Putting Value in others and their welfare first. Research also shows that humble people show a more charitable and generous nature toward other people. People who practice Altruism tend to reflect inward, but when it comes to where they focus their energy, it’s all about other people and they think outwards.. In truth, humble people put others before themselves. Actually, this is the kind of person You should want to be! Humble people offer more in Value upfront concerning themselves with your wants, needs, and desires ahead of their own. If you have read the Book; “The Go-Giver” ( and I hope You have!) written by Bob Burg and John David Mann, you will learn how the 5 laws... read more

Do You Listen??

A Moment with The Interventionist ™ I Love meeting People and talking with them about Life, Business, etc. I know I’m not alone, in so much as we are social beings whom like to interact. The interesting thing I find is that most people get on to telling you all about them and their Life and/or Business without hardly giving you a second to speak! You hear it all from the traffic jam they drove through to the sick kids, etc.! And in Business it seems to be no different. As a Strategic Interventionist Coach serving in the area of Human Needs Psychology, I enjoy attending Live Events that offer a Value and increase my education and Investment in Me. It is at these Events that I find the greatest wealth of knowledge in those I meet. Amazing People You would not get the opportunity with otherwise. This is where I had to learn to use to listen! Now being a Professional Speaker, and BTW..I Love to Speak! I remember a phrase I learned years ago; God gave me two ears and one mouth… Therefor, I need to listen twice as much as I speak! How about You…Do You Listen twice as much as You Speak? If you do, Awesome! If You don’t, try to remember this the next time you meet with someone. Offer them the honor of listening to them completely. Ask questions about them. Show them you value them that much. It is truly Amazing how this goes.. It shows that You care enough, and will gain respect even more. ENJOY Listening! ~Jeffrey Miller... read more

Are You Happy and Full of Joy??

A Moment with The Interventionist ™ Are You Happy and Full of Joy? Living the life You know You deserve?? Well, if not.. don’t Feel alone! Aproximately 85% of the people around You Feel the same in one way or another! Many times in Life We find ourselves up against a wall, so to speak, feeling that there is no way around, up, or over that wall. We feel that we are without any options and have no where to turn, kind of like being “Stuck in the Mud” Hi, I’m Jeffrey Miller, the Founder of The “21 Days to Change Your Mind” Program ™ I’m here to tell You that You can climb over,arround, and actually bust right through those walls in a very quick period of time. How do I know? I was, most of my life, that Guy whom on the outside appeared to have all his stuff in order. However, on the inside I was full of doubt that I was good enough. That I was worthy of Happiness, Love, etc. You see,I was a workaholic making a great living, but not living a great life nor the Life I deserved! I was an unhappy guy with a list of failed relationships who was full of Low Self Esteem. **(more about my story in my new upcoming, soon to be released Book: “Who Am I”…and Why You want to know! ©) So,You ask, “What can I do?? In reality, it is only You and your unconscious thoughts that are keeping you stuck. What it takes is for YOU to be so fed up with your... read more

I Can Change Your Mind! Do You Believe Me?

A Moment with The Hypnotic Interventionist ™   If I was to say I can Change Your Mind in let’s say 15 minutes about most anything would You believe me??   Well, here’s the Truth…The answer is actually NO! That’s right, NO, no one can really Change Your Mind… This is something You need to do yourself! Now i’m not talking about what you want for dinner or  perhaps what Movie you want to see…I’m referring to Your Unconscious Mind. However I can Guide You and assist you to the realization that YOU can Change Your Mind about anything you choose to!  Let’s look at this in perspective. Moment by moment day after day, You are constantly doing and following habits that you’ve built up over your lifetime. These habits, good, bad, or indifferent are retained by your unconscious mind to guide you and protect you. Some of these Habits are actually debilitating, causing negative self talk, and overall Low Self Esteem. Our brains do not know the difference. Unfortunately, we learn these habits in the early years by observation based on our lived environment and then they are retained usually for life, unless you choose to learn how to Change them. No doubt you are Thinking…What can I do… How can I change My Mind. How can I get into My unconscious and make that Change.  21 Days To Change Your Mind is a signature program that I wrote and have put to practice now for close to 5 years. It guides you through 21 Days of  “Change” with Coaching Sessions and the realization that negative unconscious thoughts... read more

“Gift What You Need”

A Moment with The Interventionist… Gift What You Need We all want to Feel Successful. We all want others to see us as successful. However when it come to seeking Success how are You going about it?? Are You focused on Money? Are You focused on YOU? Well, that the wrong direction… Realize this.. Do unto others as you would want them to do unto You! Yup, it’s a saying that is as old as the hills! And still True! When You Gift to another that which You need and want,with an open Heart, it can not help but multiply and return to you in in exponential ways! I call it “Gift What You Need!” Try it, I think You’ll like it!  ~Jeffrey Miller is.. “The Interventionist” ™ **Jeffrey Miller is a Successful Veteran Entrepreneur, Strategic Interventionist, Hypnotist, Author,International Radio Show Host, and Professional Speaker. Jeff has helped and Guided many to eliminate the ravaging effects of Low Self Esteem and Debilitating Beliefs with “The 21 Days to Change Your Mind Program” ™ As a Successful Veteran Entrepreneur, Jeff is available as a Business Coach as well. To Book a FREE Session or to have Jeff Speak with Your Group connect via the Website. www.21DaystoChangeYourMind.com © 2015 Jeffrey Miller is…The... read more

Today’s The Day!

A Moment with The Interventionist… Today’s the Day! March 20, 2015 One of the most important things you can do for others is to do for you! You see, when you decide to improve and invest in yourself with a renewed interest in improving you, others can’t help but receive the benefits of your newly acquired knowledge. All that said, back to Todays the Day! Yes, today is the Day I meet with My new Coach and Mentor, Mr. Bob Burg, in Jupiter Florida to start my new Journey as a Go-Giver Coach and Speaker! Adding this Amazing Opportunity to be Mentored By Bob, and also adding this Coaching/ Mentoring Program to my Toolbox of Services will not only improve my Coaching Ability but the benefits to You My Friends and Client will be Awesome! Therefor and in the Spirit of Giving and The Go-Giver Way, The more You Give, the more you’ll Have! ~Jeffrey Miller is…The Interventionist ™ **Jeffrey Miller is a Successful Veteran Entrepreneur, Strategic Interventionist, Hypnotist, Author, International Radio Show Host, and Professional Speaker. Jeff has helped and Guided many to eliminate the ravaging effects of Low Self Esteem and Debilitating Beliefs with “The 21 Days to Change Your Mind Program” ™ Also, a Successful Veteran Business Entrepreneur, Jeff is available as a Go-Giver Coach and Speaker as well. To Book a FREE Session, or to have Jeff Speak with Your Group, Please connect via the Website. www.21DaystoChangeYourMind.com © 2015 Jeffrey Miller International... read more


GRATITUDE… How do You Feel when someone says or does something nice to or for You! Do You Feel Appreciation?Do You Feel that sense of WOW, I am really liked! If you appreciate this kindness shown and given to you by others, and by the way…You should, then say it and respond to it with actions as well as words. Don’t just let it slip by as if you don’t appreciate it. You might not recieve it again! Take the time today. Reach out and stay in touch. Build your network of personal and professional friends by taking the initiative to Show that you care. Be a Friend! Realize… it’s a fact that the people who enjoy the greatest personal success in life are those who build lasting relationships with others and show GRATITUDE for it. Remember…Gratitude is the return of the Gift that You Recieved. And it keeps on Giving! ~Jeffrey Miller is…The Interventionist **Jeffrey Miller is a Successful Veteran Entrepreneur, Strategic Interventionist, Hypnotist, Author, International Radio Show Host, and Public Speaker. Jeff has helped and Guided many to eliminate the ravaging effects of Low Self Esteem and Debilitating Beliefs with “The 21 Days to Change Your Mind Program” ™ As a Successful Veteran Entrepreneur, Jeff is available as a Business Coach as well. To Book a FREE Session or to have Jeff Speak with Your Group connect via the Website. www.21DaystoChangeYourMind.com © 2015 Jeffrey Miller is…The Interventionist... read more

In The Living Years…

Preface: This was written by Me back on November 11, 2011. “In Life We often become part of the circumstances that alter our perspective and feelings about the ones We Love.”~Jeffrey Miller I know, personally, many years ago now, I came to up against this with My Father. I felt, at that time, the situation was inexcusable and Unforgivable. This caused a 10+ year divide between Father and Son. It wasn’t until My Own Son was born, did I look back and feel that divide. The sense of loss.The time in this Life You can not get back. I contacted My Father and attempted to discuss the wrongs I felt. We spoke, but did not totally resolve the issues. Not long after, My Father passed away. There were still things I wish now I had said. Feelings locked up inside Me that effected My entire Life. Last Year I had an awakening. I found the strength to forgive My Father. I hope He heard Me! This began a new Life Journey for Me. A Journey I now embrace. The Journey to Guide others through Strategic Intervention.To awaken and find their inner self. To open up and talk about what ever is holding them back with debilitating beliefs. We all have only so many days in this Life. Consider Your feelings and those You need to forgive. Do it for YOU! Your life will change. You will feel free. You will breath better knowing You took the step. Oh, and by the way..I wish I had done it in My Dad’s Living Years! I leave You now with this Song..... read more

Don’t You Realize…

A Moment with The Interventionist Don’t You Realize? It’s Amazing how many of Us stop dead in our tracks when an Opportunity to Change comes along…And then,we don’t take it! I mean, after all, are You really Happy with Living this way? It’s like driving down the road with all your brakes on. You will get somewhere, but in a short period of time you’ll burn them out and stop short! Thomas Edison once observed that: “the reason most folks don’t recognize Opportunity when it comes along is that it is often dressed in coveralls and look like work.” In the case of overall low self esteem it does appear to be a lot of work to Change. Let’s face it, it took you all your life to get here right… By the way, don’t feel alone, it is estimated that at least 85% of the world suffers with some form of Low Self Esteem! Amazing, however true! I appreciate this condition having “been there and done that’ most of my life. It did take work to Change My Mind and appreciate that all I’ve been through actually was an Opportunity in disguise for Me to learn all about these debilitating beliefs that we learn mostly from Childhood. That said, Don’t You Realize that You too can do this. You can, shall you accept that You’ve had enough. You no longer want to Live with this. Enough is Enough! So take a Chance. A Chance to find out and Realize just how Great it will Feel when You’ve conquered your own Fears and start to Smile again knowing You... read more

Are you Holding onto Anger…

A Moment with The Hypnotic Interventionist ™   Mark Twain said it Best… “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.“ I Wonder How You Will Feel when You Realize that all that Anger and hostility you are hanging onto is actually killing you! That vessel as stated above is You! Yes, a Very Blunt statement …however very True! Anger is an Emotion that takes over every part of your Mind and your Body shall you allow it. It debilitates you in ways you are not even aware of. When was the last time you heard of someone having a Heart Attack or other type of Health issue and you thought…Wow! They are so young! Never would have thought a person whom seemed that healthy could suffer that! This is just one example, however there are many cases of premature severe health risks in people of all ages as a result of Anger and related mental stresses. Remember, We become that which we continually Think! The question is after you’ve admitted to yourself that you are in fact one of the many afflicted by this…what are you willing to do about it? Live on the way it is or …  are you willing to take the necessary Action to eliminate this Anger. And again to be blunt, That Action has to be a White Hot Burning Desire to want to eliminate it and allow yourself the chance to heal and regain your Life as its meant to be.  You see, About 4... read more

Want To FEEL Better?

A Moment with…The Interventionist Want to FEEL Better When this Question is asked it excites our Memory to a thought. That Thought is “how do I Feel.” If You are not Feeling great, happy, etc. then are You asking yourself WHY? We ALL want to Feel Better…Right? It is amazing the amount of Clients I have asked this question to that honestly want to Feel Better than they do, however are totally unsure of the HOW to get there. Now, to understand this, we all have the ability to Change our state of Mind like snapping our fingers. The thing  is we don’t! Why not! Do we really want to Feel down and frumpy?? Honestly some do. They have found a place to be with this Emotion where due to Low Self Esteem, they feel that they are receiving the attention that they want, need, and deserve. However, It’s only a temporary fix until the next person chooses to listen and feel sorry for them. Great News!! There is a way to overcome these Negative effects of low Self Esteem. The 21 Days to Change Your Mind Program ™ has been Helping and Guiding those whom make the decision to no longer be subjected to this Debilitating way of Life to overcome and be whom they are meant to be…HAPPY! How about You..Are You ready to “Change Your Mind” Want to Find out?? Then go to our Website and look for the Box that says: “Yes, I’m ready to take the first step” Fill out the info and receive You FREE Consultation. You’ve got only one thing to loose…”Low... read more

Do You Sell Passion??

Do You Sell Passion?? You say “Sell Passion” ?? What are we talking about here!! No, this is not about where some may go with the thought of Passion, although in some form it is exactly where we are going! Let’s actually take a look at the Passion I’m refering to. PASSION..as decribed By Webster is: “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.” Also: “a strong feeling that causes you to act in a certain way.” Now for the Big Question: What is YOUR Passion? Are You aware of it? Do You seek it? or are You utilizing it in Your Business on a daily basis and passing along its benifits to your Customers and/or Clients?? How do we infiltrate Passion into your daily business?? Simply by adding that which you FEEL Passionate about into your sales funnel. Let your Customers and/ or Clients know Your level of Passion and how You really feel about serving their needs with Massive Value. Show them by example that You are committed to their Success. Also as an Entreprenuer and Business Coach with now over 40 years of tried and true business expeience I can attest…”It’s not all roses and glory!” Thankfully I’ve learned to realize that all the downs I’ve faced were actually the pathways to the Ups I’ve experienced in My business’s. And along the way I learned that My Passion was exactly what I needed to offer and also as My Mentor Bob Burg says: “People will do Business with those they Know, Like, and Trust!” Now add your “White Hot Burning Desire... read more

A Moment with The Interventionist ™

A Moment with The Hypnotic Interventionist ™ This one goes out to ALL Aspiring Coaches I can attest that during the development phase of My Coaching Career as a Strategic Interventionist, I put a lot of faith in the actions of others that had not quite made it to help and guide me to My Success. Now, not to say I didn’t appreciate it, because I did! However, If you are going to be Successful YOU need to put Action in the right direction to be so. Remember that expression…You will become like the 5 People you hang around with the most. Also,You need to learn as much as you can not only about becoming the best Coach, but also how to run a successful business as well. You might ask; How did I do that?? One Word…MENTOR(S) Yes, Seek out the best of the best and attach yourself like glue to that Mentor(s). Study and learn all you can about how they rose up the ladder of Success. And when you are ready, add another Mentor and do the same again and again. Choose to consistently make the investment in yourself and You will be rewarded over and over again! Remember,The best plan of action is one that provides opportunities for You to excell as a Coach, offer massive Value to your Clients, and then you to will become a Mentor as well! ~Jeffrey Miller is…The  Hypnotic Interventionist **Jeffrey Miller is a Strategic Interventionist, Hypnotist, Author, International Radio Show Host, and Public Speaker serving in the area of Human Needs Psychology. Jeff has helped and Guided many to... read more

What is Unconditional Love??

A Moment with The Interventionist ™ What is Unconditional LOVE?? A dear friend and fellow Coach Kimberly Reid, aka “The Fear Slayer” wrote the following: “I believe if you want unconditional love in your life, it MUST start WITHIN YOU, for yourself first, before you can expect others to share theirs with you. What are your thoughts?” Excellent Question Coach Kimberly!! Here are some thoughts… Most of Us have felt the debilitating effects of our lack of “self love” Why is this? Firstly we need to look at our Lives from the time we can remember. This happens to be in our early Childhood where unfortunately the Conscious mind chooses to Block, or put up a wall so to speak with the attempt of protecting You from the memories. Why is this? Mostly because our Minds, as complex as there are, are wired that way. The Conscious Mind can only think of one thing at a time! Profound, but true! That said, when things happen that are not favorable thoughts in our lives it’s a protection method so that You do not have to relive the memories day after day. Again, unfortunately bits and pieces of these memories creep out when necessary, as a protector to warn you not to do something that has caused you pain in the past. Now back to Unconditional “Self Love”…It is difficult at best to be able to have Unconditional Love for yourself when memories of past come up to stop you in your tracks that your not good enough, not worthy,etc. Remembering that Unconditional means “without condition” we have to be OK... read more

Who’s Problem is it Anyway!

A Moment with The Interventionist Who’s Problem is it anyway! What if I was to tell You that the reason we often fail to recognize some opportunities is because they come disguised as problems. Would You Believe Me? Truth is all situations in Life, whether we create them or another does, are ALL Opportunities in disguise. So, when we look at Who’s Problem is it anyway… Ultimately it’s yours! We often do not want to accept this as truth however it is! Learn how to Deal with it… What to do..Try a role reversal next time you are dealt with a problem that You don’t feel is yours. Look at it with the facts in mind as if you were the other person. Flip it over and think…How would I Feel if this were me? Interestingly enough, You will see it from a different perspective and hopefully turn that Problem into a new Possibility called an Opportunity! ~Jeffrey Miller is The Interventionist... read more

What kind of B.S. are you Believing??

A Moment with The Interventionist… **What kind of B.S. are you Believing! Your internal B.S. describes how you see the world. This in turn, creates the Vision of the world you see. You have the power to change your experiences just by changing the “What” You say to yourself and then realizing and Feeling the difference! By the way..Your Belief System is your B.S.  ~Jeffrey Miller is…The Interventionist **from the soon to be released Book: Another Piece of The Puzzle…21 Days to Change Your Mind... read more